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This template must be substed.

The following documentation is located at Template:categ/documentation. [edit]


This template categorizes as languagecode:Foo or as Languagename foo, whichever exists. If both or neither exists, it calls {{attention|languagecode}}. It is designed for use by an editor who does not recall which of the two categories exists. It will attempt to add an s to the end of the category name also.

This template must be substed, as it uses many parser functions. It is designed for neat substing.


The first unnamed parameter is the language code (such as fr or en). There is no support in this template for using a language name instead. If this parameter is nonexistent, this will default to en (English). If the parameter is blank, the template will yield an error message.

The second unnamed parameter is the category. If this is nonexistent or blank, the template will yield an error message.
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