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The following documentation is located at Template:caps/doc. [edit]
Note: Please move the documentation subpage to Template:caps/documentation.

This template returns the uppercase or lowercase version of a letter.


This template is supposed to be used in other templates, mainly to display the first letter of an automatic text in either case, as chosen by the user.

Simply add the following code to any template, replacing the X by a default letter.

  • {{caps|X|{{{cap|}}}|{{{nocap|}}}}}

Here are other examples:

  • {{caps|A|{{{cap|}}}|{{{nocap|}}}}}
  • {{caps|B|{{{cap|}}}|{{{nocap|}}}}}
  • {{caps|C|{{{cap|}}}|{{{nocap|}}}}}


This template by default uses the parameters {{{cap}}} and {{{nocap}}} from the other template.

nocap=1: Unless it is empty or omitted, {{caps}} returns the default letter in the opposite case.
cap: If equal to the opposite case of the default letter, the opposite case is returned by {{caps}}.


Here are some hypotheses, possibly true if the piece of code "{{caps|O|{{{cap|}}}|{{{nocap|}}}}}bsolete spelling of" exists in Template:obsolete spelling of:

See also[<small>మార్చు</small>]

"https://te.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=మూస:caps&oldid=282301" నుండి వెలికితీశారు