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వాడుకరి చర్చ:Bencmq

ఈ పేజీ లోని కంటెంటులకు ఇతర భాషలలో మద్దతు లేదు.
విషయాన్ని చేర్చు
విక్షనరీ నుండి

Thank you for your kind reminder and suggestion. It is bring to your notice that I have no knowledge about the admin formalities, rules and regulations. I do not understand why the Hi-archy officials have nominated me as a temporary administrator as there is no competition for this post and more over visitors for this telugu wiktionary are also very less people available. Now I am requesting the higher authorities as well as you, please renew my admin-ship for further as permanent basis and guide me please. జె.వి.ఆర్.కె.ప్రసాద్ 14:05, 29 జూలై 2012 (UTC)