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విక్షనరీ:Inflection templates

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Headword-line templates (formerly known as "inflection templates") are templates that are used to produce the headword line (formerly called the "inflection line") of a term. This is the line that comes immediately below the header specifying the part of speech. At the very least, the headword line should contain the headword in question, formatted in bold text. In cases where the language lacks an appropriate headword-line template, {{infl}} should be used.

Headword-line templates are named with the language code, followed by a dash and the part of speech, followed optionally by a dash and the inflection class. For example: {{nl-verb}}, {{nb-adj-1}}.

The purpose of this page is to list all headword-line templates, in order to have a clear overview and to avoid duplication. Explanations on usage of these templates should go on the template talk pages and possibly also on the accompanying Main article of a language's templates.

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